How charitable is Denver? (Not very)

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL – Denver ranks low on the totem poll when it comes to how charitable it is, according a new report from Charity Navigator.

The city is 22nd out of the 30 largest metros in the report.

Charity Navigator, a Mahwah, New Jersey-based nonprofit organization that rates and provides information on charities, compiles its annual study of the 130 largest nonprofits in the city by looking at metrics across three categories:

Financial, which includes program, administrative and fundraising expenses, efficiency, program expenses growth, working capital ratio and liabilities to assets. Accountability and transparency, which includes donor privacy policies, form 990 online, audited financial statements online, and board and senior staff online. Size, including total contributions, revenue and expenses, excess and total assets, liabilities and net assets, as well as CEO compensation.

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